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TALINT Grating Kits For Simplified X-Ray Interferometry

This is a talk given by our Managing Director at iCT 2022 in Wels
In the video you will:
See some example images (which probably won’t surprise you because you got interested).
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See how simple Talbot Lau Interferometry can be.
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Learn that setting up Talint-EDU in your system is a matter of 30min or less.
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Learn about our standard sets and the potential to realize parameters for your specific application.

Talbot–Lau x-ray interferometry is a grating-based phase-contrast technique. That enables measurement of refractive index changes in matter with micrometric spatial resolution.

The tremendous development of table-top high-power lasers makes the use of high-intensity, laser-driven K-alpha sources appealing for Talbot–Lau interferometer applications in both high-energy-density plasma experiments and biological imaging.

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Want Your Own TALINT?

Let me Help you find the Best Quality Controlled Equipment to Achieve Homogeneity in your Research
Joachim Schulz, founder and managing director of Microworks GmbH

Hi! My name is Joachim Schulz, and I am the founder and Managing Director of Microworks.

My team and I would like to guide you through your learning curve in Grating Based Imaging.

You will benefit from:
Our vast experience making gratings (and other parts) for energy range between 1keV and 100keV.
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Our knowledge of further phase-contrast techniques such as edge-illumination or propagation based imaging.
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Our Know-How to implement setups into existing equipment.
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