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Cutting-edge technology with versatile applications that meet the demands of your research.

  • Two New Modalities Introduced: Phase Contrast and Dark-Field Contrast
  • Improved Image Quality
  • Easy to Use

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Unlock New Levels Of Detail With TALINT X-Ray Interferometry

Join the forefront of X-ray imaging technology with TALINT.
Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality products and support.
  • Under 30 minutes get TALINT up and functional, saving time, and resources for you.
  • Works with your existing source and detector
  • Integrates into your existing X-ray imaging setup
  • Highly Sensitive: Detecting Defects and Inhomogeneities
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"Very impressive collaboration partner. Great technology. Works out of the box and very quick on adapting the system to our needs. Thanks a lot."
Philipp Schütz | Hochschule Luzern
"Microworks is a very professional and reliable fabricator for custom gratings and X-ray interferometer and precision micro structures with LIGA technology. Their products have been recognized and praised by many users."
Yijie Zhao | Top Unistar

The Three Imaging Modes:
Absorption, Phase-Contrast and Dark-Field Contrast

Take the Next Step and Discover the Future of X-Ray Imaging with TALINT
  • Unlock Unmatched Detail: Experience the Power of Absorption, Phase-Contrast and Dark-Field Contrast imaging modes with TALINT.
  • Revolutionize Your Imaging: Stay ahead of the game with TALINT's advanced imaging modes and revolutionize your research outcomes.
  • Take Your Imaging to the Next Level: Upgrade your X-ray imaging capabilities and unlock new levels of detail with TALINT's innovative system
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