X-Ray Lenses
Focused X–rays are used in many analysis applications to increase the resolution of an imaging system or reduce experiment time through higher photon flux. Microworks offers several types of refractive X-ray lenses made of epoxy polymer.
See the Spec Sheet below for an example. Custom X-ray lenses are available upon request.
Standard X-Ray Lenses
REM image of X-Ray LensesX-Ray Lenses3D render of X-Ray Lenses
Lens Type
Compound Refractive Lens (CRL), also as compact motorized zoom lens; Fresnel-type; prism lenses
Lens Characteristics
Point or line focus; imaging or illumination optics; astigmatism-free
Lens Material
Radiationstable resist SU-8; lifetime of many years, even when permanently in the beam
Radius of Curvature
> 5 µm
Photon Energy
> 8 keV; best between 8 and 40 keV
Focal Length
> 30 mm
Physical Aperture
100 µm to 2 mm
Min. Focal Spot Size
> 0.5 µm
X-Ray Lenses3D render of X-Ray Lenses
Custom X-Ray Lenses

We offer custom production of X-ray lenses to your specifications.
Options include different geometries, particular apertures, focal distances, and energies.

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