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Phase-Contrast- and Dark-Field-Imaging Made Easy

The System

Talint-EDU is an X-ray interferometer to  be added to your existing X-ray tube and detector. It consists of all the necessary hardware components to obtain the three imaging modes: absorption, phase-contrast and dark-field contrast.

It can be installed as easily as another detector within less than half an hour. Image acquisition for the simplest system is manual, and the images obtained during phase stepping are ideally suited for image analysis scientists. Custom versions concerning design energy, field of view or other aspects are available upon request.

Use with Nearly Any Source/Detector

Talint System being used with a detector
Proven operation with micro or minifocus sources and 75 µm or 200 µm pixel size

30-Minute Assembly

Talint System neatly packed into a case
When an interesting sample crosses your way – quickly mount and dismount the setup

Choose Your Grating Set

Design Energy 40 keV
Design Energy 21 keV
Period of All 3 Gratings
6.00 µm
4.80 µm
Absorber Heights (Gold) of G0 and G2
> 120 µm
> 40 µm
Absorber Line Width / Period (Duty Cycle) of G0 and G2
Substrates of G0 and G2
400 µm (G0) 1000 µm (G2)
Graphite 400 µm
Phase Shift of G1 at Design Energy
(7.7 µm Gold)
(7.4 µm Nickel)
Duty Cycle of G1
Substrate of G1
Silicon 200 µm
Silicon 200 µm
Field of View (of Sample)
35 mm
35 mm
Talint-EDU uses 1D line gratings in a symmetric setup. Feel free to inquire about other parameters

Are You Ready for Easy X-Ray Dark Field Imaging?

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