Grating Sets
Designed for Talbot-Lau interferometry and edge illumination imaging from 1 keV to 100 keV, our gratings have produced excellent results for our customers. Gratings are arrays of apertures characterized by the period, the duty cycle (metal width/period), the material height, and the layout area. Microworks can supply gratings with layout sizes ranging from 60 x 20 mm² to 160 x 90 mm². We additionally have experience in stitching/tiling gratings to even larger areas.

See the Spec Sheet below for our standard set of gratings. Custom gratings are available upon request.

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Standard Grating Set
Grating Sets in different Sizes. Up to ~ 30cm wideREM image of the microstructures taht make up a gratingVarious Mounted Gratings
Design Energy
40 KeV
Grating Periods
6.0 µm
Layout Area of G2
Diameter: 70 mm
Absorber Material & Height
Gold: 120 - 160 µm
Duty Cycle of G0 and G2
Duty Cycle of G1
Substrate of G0 and G2
Graphite, 400 µm, 4-inch wafer format
Substrate of G1
Silicon, 200 µm, double side polished, 4-inch wafer format
We use different substrates for different purposes. For example, polyimide for low-energy applications, silicon for phase gratings, and graphite for absorption gratings.

Our standard set of gratings features 6 µm period parallel lines and is designed for use at 40 keV.
Other Symmetric Grating Sets:
• 8 keV, 2.4 µm period, 50 mm x 50 mm
• 20 keV, 4.8 µm period, diameter: 70 mm
• 55 keV, 8.0 µm period, diameter: 100 mm
three mounted grating setsGratings in various sizes: up to ~30cm
Custom Grating Kits:

We offer custom production of grating kits to your specifications.
Options include adaptation to other energies, layout area, 2D gratings (hole arrays for Hartmann sensors), different periods.

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