Beamstops are miniature cylinders which block X-rays. They are predominantly used in X-ray microscopy. We offer a framed array of beamstops in various diameters. These beamstops are uniquely freestanding, which allows them to be used from a few 100 eV to several keV.

Watch this video to see how our beamstops are made.
280 µm
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Standard Beamstops
Gold Thickness
> 80 µm
Beamstop Diameter
10 µm to 160 µm in increments of 10 µm
Open Area Diameter
650 µm
Carrier Membrane
None (freestanding)
Each cylinder is supported by 3 thin fins of 2.5 µm width
Total Device Size
4.5 mm x 4.5 mm
Mounting Hints
Beamstops of gold are sufficiently stable so that the devices can be clamped in simple holders
The device consists of 16 beamstops with different diameters.
Custom Beamstops

We offer custom beamstops made to your specifications.Options include particular gold heights, beamstop diameters, and open area diameters.

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Explore Our Other Products