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Your specialized laboratory requires precision instruments. Microworks delivers high-quality X-ray optical components such as apertures, gratings, X-ray lenses, beamstops, resolution targets and X-ray interferometers of the TALINT series.

What our Customers Say

Our Optics group, our Diagnostics group and several of our beamlines use […] optics manufactured by KIT. […] our activities greatly benefit from […] refractive X-ray lenses, pinholes for X-rays and X-ray gratings. These are exceptional quality optics […].

Dr. Kawal Sawhney, Head of Optics and Metrology, Diamond Light Source Ltd, UK

I've had the pleasure of working with Microwork's gratings for more than a decade, and the experience has been consistently excellent.

Dan Stutman, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Very impressive collaboration partner. Great technology. Works out of the box and very quick on adapting the system to our needs. Thanks a lot.

Philipp Schütz , Hochschule Luzern, Switzerland

We are reaching out to you once again following the exceptional work you did on our previous project. […]Your expertise and guidance have been invaluable to us in the past, and we greatly appreciate your assistance.

Hila Schwartz, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Microworks is a highly professional and dependable manufacturer of custom gratings, X-ray interferometers, and precision microstructures using LIGA technology. Their products have always performed as specified.

Yijie zhao, Top Unistar

Explore our Range of Microfabrication Solutions

X-Ray Lenses

Provide superior resolution, contrast, and image quality for a wide range of X-ray imaging applications.

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Our advanced grating based X-ray interferometer for fast, highly detailed images.

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Optimal X-ray apertures for controlling the size and shape of X-ray beams.

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X-ray beamstops with freestanding columns provide precise beam attenuation and control.

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Resolution Targets

Highly accurate calibration tools for X-ray imaging systems.

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Precise X-ray gratings for diffraction, interferometry, and spectroscopy applications.

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Discover X-Ray Imaging with TALINT -
The First Modular Absorption, Phase and Dark-Field Contrast Imaging Tool


laptop that has video playing inside of it

Detailed insights within minutes, using grating-based interferometry.

Offers absorption, phase-contrast,
and dark-field modes.

Compatibile with high-power,
large focal spot sources.

Assembles in half an hour.

Compatible with your CT image

Our World-Class Partners

Your Partner for High-Quality Microparts

Precision Manufacturing

Our advanced lithography techniques and premium materials ensure unparalleled quality and performance.

We make the difference in precision and reliability.

Our advanced lithography techniques allow us to produce
high aspect ratio structures
Our gold microstructures in an escapement module
- Photo courtesy of H. Moser & Cie

The Power of LIGA Technology

We implement the best lithographic techniques to produce polymer microstructures, with X-ray LIGA allowing us to make the highest aspect ratios on the market.

Metal microstructures are produced using electroplating.

Need a Custom Solution?

Precision Engineering Made in Germany

We're passionate about innovative manufacturing of standardized and custom products for X-ray nonde­structive testing (NDT) and X-ray quality control.

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